Frequently Asked Questions



What type of files does deltasignshop accept?

We accept most formats, but it is best if you send us your artwork in .pdf or .jpeg file formats.


Is it possible to submit multiple artworks for a single order?

Yes, of course. Simply create a .zip file containing all artworks.

Do you recommend any specific file settings to increase file-processing speed?

Submitting your artwork file in .jpeg or .pdf will help us process it faster. In addition, we suggest 100dpi at 100% of the final print size.

Should fonts be included with my files?

Not necessary. If you are using Photoshop, just be sure to flatten your file before sending it to us.

What should I do if my file contains transparencies?

Please make sure to flatten your files before sending them.

What about bleed or crop marks?

Bleed or crop marks are both unnecessary for your files.

Does print borders?

Yes, but it is not something we recommend since borders make exact cuts very difficult. Please be aware that we will not reprint any order that has borders with different widths.

Do you recommended any Rich Black Values?

Sure. You could use C-15 M-15 Y-15 K-100

How should I send files for Custom Cut graphics?

For printing custom cut graphics, we need to separate files: one containing the artwork and another with the mask file. Both have to be PDF vectored images.

Does color corrects before printing?

No. We print files as they are submitted. is not liable for color corrections.